Sometimes a car accident is about damage to your vehicles, while other times it involves physical injuries too. Receiving medications, settling claims, and collaborating with insurance companies could be nerve-racking tasks.

15 Min Rx, is a specialty pharmacy based in Jacksonvilles to provide medications, compounding drugs, and other medical needs to people who have endured minor or severe accidents. We work round the clock to fulfill all prescriptions for injured victims and make the entire process smoother.

15 Min Rx, is a premier provider of Auto Injury Accident pharmacy services. Our staff eliminates the fuss of Auto Injury claims. We approach every case with compassion and care, focusing and prioritizing the needs of you and your family first. With a team of lawyers and compassionate pharmacists, our team has experience in pursuing claims and handling claims in safe and effective methods.

Prescription drugs are the priority needs of injured workers. With the core concept of doing well and delivering healthy consequences, we eliminate the burden on denied medications and provide easy access to medications with no out-of-pocket costs. 15 Min RX is a worker compensation pharmacy in Jacksonville that can undertake auto injury and other processes of your medical treatment with minimal amounts of paperwork, hassle, and red tape.

We understand financial burden could be a barrier to quality treatment of prescription drugs which could further push workers into anxiety and stress. Our aim is to reduce the financial burden and worries of frustrating reimbursement turnarounds. We reliably deliver worker compensation medications right at your doorstep or convenient locations, without any additional costs, so that you can focus on recovery, while we tackle injured people holistically and ensure all your needs are focused.

We collaborate with leading work compensation and no-fault insurance companies that are on the same mission to provide enhanced health to patients. Our pain management physicians formulate management programs and facilitate patients to provide prior authorization and best-in-class compliance to optimize treatment approaches for chronic patients.

With unique visibility and insight into worker compensation, we offer unparalleled services and unmatched experiences that are highly beneficial to payers.

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