Taking multiple medications with different illnesses and diseases can be challenging. People suffering from chronic illness and multiple conditions take several medications to treat one or more ailments. Medication refills and picking up your medications can be difficult, but medication synchronization is a program that coordinates with a patient’s chronic prescription to be picked up at the same time each month. No more, you have to visit multiple trips to the pharmacy each month for your prescriptions. At 15 Min Rx, we benefit patients by improving engagement, increasing overall satisfaction, and enhancing patient convenience that results in better patient outcomes.

With a number of stores across the state and collaboration with leading pharmacies, we are focused on exceptional patient-centered healthcare, medication advice, medication synchronization, and best customer services. We give out leading-edge digital solutions and everyday tools and services to manage their health in ways that are simple to set up and easy to maintain.

We at 15 Min Rx are a pioneer in Medication Synchronization that provides transformative pharmacy innovation and process improvement that makes your medication management more effortless. Your health and wellness are our priority, and we synchronize with your medication regimen and commit to staying on schedule to streamline your health and well-being needs. Our team of pharmacists intricately tailor your medications and ensure the best health outcomes.

Please fill out the form or talk to  our pharmacist; we can help you align your medication management effectively and efficiently.