We believe speciality products are expensive and require special handling and must be delivered by skilled and trained staff.

Our mission is to provide speciality products at most competitive rates in 15 minutes or less. We believe timely delivery of care is equally important

At 15 Min Rx, we provide customer-centric personalized services to ensure they live their best lives through quality products and life-enhancing therapies. With decades of proven success that is derived through compassionate, skilled, and knowledgeable pharmacists collaborate with advanced methodologies and quality services to empower the health and well-being of the community.

We offer safe, cost-effective, and quality approaches that help you make your living conditions easier and better. For more than 10 years, we have been successfully delivering comprehensive care and service to customers. We believe every patient should have the right to achieve the highest quality care and cost-effective prices, and we are on a mission to fulfill the customer’s demands.¬†



At 15 Min Rx, we provide premier and timely services to your patients which can significantly enhance your business and benefit your customers. We support the supply management chain and take hand-on-approach with a patient to profoundly improve  health and quality of life.

We provide following service


We are dedicated and made a mission to provide quality services and solutions to physicians and patients with customized approaches to meet their special demands. We collaborate to better your health together. At 15 Min RX, we significantly improve clinical and operational performance with the help of our dedicated and expert crew, system, tools, data, and analytics to manage the cost and trend and ensure each payer gets the right drug at the right time.We advocate for your members, healthcare, and you without compromising care and providing specialized care and trust.
Our team of specialty Pharmacy provides seamless patient experience by:

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