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You visit your doctor, after diagnosis and assessment, he hands you a prescription with special instructions to fill a compounding pharmacy. You might be amazed by the term, and there would be different questions popping your mind, including what is compounding Pharmacy and why it is relevant to my illness or disease.

With the sheer number of medications and drugs available, some patients are intolerant and require unique health needs that on-the-counter medications cannot meet. For these patients, personalized medications or compounded medications is the solution. Some patients do not efficiently respond to the traditional form of treatment, and they simply need alternation of medications as per their requirement. Compounding medications can meet these needs and provide customized solutions as per the patient’s health condition, age and different aspects.

A compounding pharmacist can prepare customized medications,

What Is The Compounding Process?

The process involves ensuring that every formulation is tailor as per individual patient who ensures that different pharmaceutical ingredients are compatible with each other as well as customer requirements without contradicting with other ingredients they are mixed. Professionals are equipped with specific knowledge in pharmaceutical chemistry and formulations of science. The preparation can be electronically tracked from inception until the end to ensure that the process is created with art-of-perfection; else, the whole process needs to be started in case of error or minor mistake. How is the industry regulated?

Pharmacists and pharmacies are strictly monitored and licensed under the State Board of Pharmacy and Food and Drug Administration. FDA has authority over some factors of compounded prescriptions.

Are compounded medications safe?

Definitely, compounded pharmacies and pharmacists are strictly regulated by state and federal governments like traditional retail dispensing pharmacies. They are governed by higher authorities and mandatorily follow regulations and guidelines set forth by accreditation agencies.

How can I find a reliable compounding pharmacy near me?

If a doctor has suggested a prescription for a specialized drug, you must get a compounding pharmacy near you. To opt for a pharmacy, you might need to look for certain criteria. You need to assess if the Pharmacy has been accredited to PCAB and hold the certification, and are licensed to run a speciality pharmacy.

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