Free Delivery

Express free delivery is a convenient and reliable option to get your medication at your doorstep without investing multiple trips to the pharmacy.


Easy Prescription Transfer

Transferring your prescription from another pharmacy is Fast , Easy and Simple

Fast And Friendly Service

We are committed to give you fast, Friendly and quality service in 15 minutes or less

Mobile App

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Auto Fill - Automatic fills

We offer Automatic fill on your routine maintenance medications to save you time keep you healthy


We take care of all your immunization needs including COVID Vaccine. Schedule appointment or just walk in

Accept Most Insurances

We accept most insurance and offer you most competitive price on your prescription needs


Dermatology Pharmacy

We offer wide variety of dermatology products at very competitive price

Home Delivery—Best Cash Prices

We offer best cash priced for uninsured or under insured patients

Why Choose Us?

Auto Injury Claims

Getting a fair settlement for your injuries can be burdensome. Leave it on us. We know each case is unique and can extensively take the burden of denied medications away. We collaborate with legal, medical, and insurance companies and provide a holistic treatment approach. We help you control costs and make better clinical decisions and more.

Compounding Service

We are more than just perfunctory dispensing of commercially available medications, with our specialized trained individuals we can meticulously formulate patient-specific sterile and non-sterile prescriptions. With our state-of-the-art equipment, quality assurance, customer services, we develop treatment options and protocols that provide optimal results.


Speciality Medications

Chronic illness requires complex and exceptional care. We make a difference by bringing breakthrough approaches and leveraging the latest methodologies to meet the unique needs of customers. We provide compassionate support, comprehensive solutions and collaborate with your doctors to meet the needs of your Specialty medications.

Workers Comp Claims

We understand the struggles of injured workers likely to deal with medications. We are worker comp specialists, that would eliminate the stress, delays, denials, and out-of-pocket payments that you might be involved in at your local pharmacy. We are partners with your treatment and ensure that you get the top-notch prescription care you need.


We offer several quality generics for $4


Financial Assistance

We work with several nonprofit organization who can help qualified patients pay for their high cost medications

At 15 MINUTE RX our mission to deliver quality healthcare on time.

We Believe Timely Delivery Of Healthcare Is Equally Important As Quality Of Healthcare.

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What Our Clients Say

"Great experience! Great atmosphere! Great staff! We were treated like family. My kids had so much fun, despite having COVID tests. They kept them calm and comfortable. I am switching my location for prescriptions to this location. They take most insurance. This place has the WOW factor!"
Heather Lobb
"After using big chains for years I changed to a small Pharmacy for personal service . Sure they get tired of me but I love this place!!! The Pharmacist and staff are outstanding ... If you're tired of no service big chains then this is your Pharmacy...."

Daniel Minchew